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Technical Support

Product MainTechnical Specification
project high pressure tube low pressure tube
highest working pressure 36kgf/cm2 18kgf/cm2
compression test pressure 54kgf/cm2/5min 27kgf/cm2/5min
bursting pressure experiment 150kgf/cm2 100kgf/cm2
application temperature scope -30℃~140℃ -30℃~120℃
longitudinal strength ≮250kgf
R134A permeabilit ≤5g/m/72h/100℃ ≤1.2g/m/72h/50℃
bears the moisture-penetrability ≤1g/m/168h(60℃×95%RH)
refrigerant (cold intermediary) HFC134a(R134a)
suitable the freezing oil PAG
· *The rated conditions, the product does not divulge, does not have destruction;
· **The rated conditions, the rubber tube does not have break, the connection does not fall off.

Inform the user:
1. The automobile air conditioning system maintenance are certain technical requirments, user own demolition may damage the system or causing bodily harm, therefore should carry on in special maintenance factory;
2.The sufficient refrigerant in the air-conditioning system has certain pressure, attention should be paid to security maintenance operation, especially should pay attention to the protection of face and eyes;
3. The refrigerant volume differ for various vehicle type, should take the automobile manufacturers to the technical standards;
4. The refrigerant and the freezing oil should be strictly in according with the regulations of brands filling, strictly prohibit mixing use. Replacement parts such as compressor and the pipeline and so on, also should pay attention to the refrigerant and the freezing oil type which is suitable, cannot mix use. In order to avoid the system is not normal or even damage;
5 The company's products have been rigorously tested before they leaves the factory, the technical indicators completely conforms to the automobile air conditioning system requirement.

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